Energy Production for Homes – produce energy exactly where you need it

There’s wind on the coast, in the mountains, in the desert, at night and in shady places. ¡Wind is everywhere!, all the time. With off-grid, easy to build and independent wind turbines, Enebird is developing a sustainable solution that can be applied everywhere for everyone. Whether you want to go green in your own home or you need a mobile power source, for camping for example, the Enebirds will be with you. This is possible because they are perfectly harmless to humans and animals, putting an end to wind farms, that must be installed far distances from any settlement. With Enebird your power can come directly from your roof or garden – even at night and in rainy days.

Noiseless Green Energy

What major problem do gas engines have in common with huge wind turbines? You wouldn’t want them on your lawn. They are very noisy and uncomfortable to be around. Enebirds are not as they run silently and do not pollute. The connected generators can even be embedded below ground level to mute them entirely! This makes them the perfect source of green energy for homes, parks, offices and any living space where you don’t want the sound of engines disturbing you. Even with strong wind blowing, they maintain their optimal maximum speed, harvesting just the amount of energy they can process.

Hybrid Energy

Enebirds can be combined with solar panels to create compact hybrid wind-solar wind turbines that provide even more energy. Wind and solar power supplement each other well, and combining them, Enebirds uses the ground optimally, maximizing power yield and making the absolute most of your space. Unlike rotor based wind power plants, our system works well in clusters, so that large amounts of energy can be harvested on comparatively much smaller parcels of ground.

Comming applications!

Please expect never seen before applications of the Enebird technology revealed on this homepage! We’re soon to release the first standalone device that will give our investors a real life impression of Enebird. Stay tuned!