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Enebird has succesfully finished a crowfunding campaign on Kickstarter

Enebird Press._ From June 28th to July 5th, Enebird carried out a campaign on the Kickstarter platform, a crowdfunding website for creative projects, which objective has been to raise funds to finance the Swirling Batfish project that takes place at Gran Canaria, Spain.

Currently, the company Enebird focuses on developing a prototype of wind power for self-consumption under the name Swirling Batfish, through which numerous families, businesses, schools and the general public can benefit. This device aims to ensure the consumption of clean energy in a responsible and efficient way available to everyone.

Therefore, this campaign was carried out on the Kickstarter platform with the purpose of obtaining funds for development. Successfully it received the support of 13 contributors after reaching a sum of € 3,296 to promote the configuration of the aforementioned project.

In response to the support, Enebird will send to its collaborators a 100% cotton T-shirt printed with the company logo and also provide access to the forum of the website and the subscription to a newsletter so you can be informed of the latest innovations. Likewise, in the case of those who made a superior contribution, Enebird will send them samples of the developed prototype.

Thanks for supporting us, Enebird keeps working for everyone!
Click the next link to watch our campaign:

Second from the right: David Jan Schlesinger, CEO of Enebird

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source: 23/05/18

El Mundo, 30th of April 2018